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Astrology Course All 30 Lessons
Our Price: $400.00
Lesson 1, Development: The history and development of Astrology and how it moved from a mainstream science to a superstition and is on its way ...
AUM (OM) by Allen Burns MP3 Download
Our Price: $10.00
Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the...

Chakra Balancing MP3 by Allen Burns
Our Price: $10.00
Chakras Gone Wild—a Shamanic Journey Through the Chakras by Allen Burns MP3 Download  The ...
Dancing to the Edge of the Universe by Allen Burns MP3 Download
Our Price: $10.00
Be transported with the music—soft and lively, strong, powerful, and soothing, each track moves you and enfolds you in sound of infinite beauty and ...

Past Life Regression - Journey Into Past Lives MP3
Our Price: $10.00
Explore your past lives through this guided program developed by Anita Burns. This CD uses the latest NLP and self-guided...
Professional Hypnosis Training - A Self-Guided Course by Anita Burns - eBook & MP3s
Our Price: $19.95
Professional Hypnosis Training - A Self-Guided Course by Anita Burns (180 page PDF, with 8 MP3 tracks and ePub version) For a phys...

Psychic Protection Video Download
Our Price: $17.95
Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, and Energy Vampires: How to Defend Yourself Against Negative Attack by Anita Burns ...
Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Attunement and Distance Learning Course - Physical Version (US ITEM ONLY)
Our Price: $175.00
Re Hu Tek™1st Degree Attunement and Distance Learning Course—physical version  ...

Tarot Course All 20 Lessons
Our Price: $270.00
Tarot Certification Home Study, Distant Learning Course Learn Tarot the RIGHT way! Written and taugh...
The Dough Also Rises ebook
Our Price: $4.95
The Dough Also Rises ebook by Anita Burns PDF (47 pages) & ePub versions. ...

You Are Psychic by Anita Burns - eBook
Our Price: $11.95
A Self Guided Course in Developing Psychic/Intuitive Skills ...

Allen & Anita BurnsHi Everyone,
Thanks for taking a look at our store site. We offer a wide array of tools for spiritual and personal growth. Our Certification, home study, distance learning courses are painstakingly written and edited  to bring you the best learning experience you can have.

Subjects include Astrology Course, Tarot Course, Handwriting Analysis Course, and we are working on developing more more courses in the future.

MetaStudies brings the classroom to you and offers you the best in personalized instruction possible. We treat each student individually and work with you to help you learn in quickly and easily. We strive to make your learning experience as close to having a private instructor as possible by being always available for consultation by phone, email, and in person.

Plus, we don’t think learning should break your bank account. Our courses, in fact all of our products are reasonably priced and available in a variety of packages for you to choose from. Whether you complete the course for certification or simply order for self study, our thorough courses are easy to learn, valuable tools in your spiritual and metaphysical growth.

In addition, we have a growing library of self-study courses, including Psychic/Intuitive Development, and Candle Magic, Re Hu Tek Distance and in Person attunements and training, with more in development for the near future.

Take a look at our CDs and MP3s that include self-help, spiritual experience, and unique channeled material from Light Beings Johar and Simon. There’s a lot to choose from and more on the way.


Anita and Allen Burns