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Sexuality in Handwriting - by Anita Burns

In handwriting analysis, sexual personalities are categorized into two basic types. Although we are a combination of both types, dominance in one category will show in handwriting.

This type enjoys physical touch and is generally faithful to their partner. They like attention and have strong sexual desires. They will rarely pass up an opportunity for sex. They have a difficult time dealing with any kind of rejection and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Home and family are generally more important than job or career.

This type is critical and anylitical. They are stirred by the imagination rather than physical touch. They like variety and generally have many romances. Career and job come before home and family. An extreme Intellectual Sexual type can experience? sexual problems such as impotence and frigidity.

Signs of Knesthetic Sexuality Sisgns of Intellectual Sexuality



There are many signs of sexuality in handwriting. These are just a few.